Titus Teams

Titus Teams

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What Are Titus Teams?
Who are Titus Team Leaders?
How Can My Congregation Get Titus Help?
Will Others be involved?
What is the Purpose of Titus Teams?
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What Are Titus Teams?

Titus Teams are a group of 15-20 dedicated servants from across Brush Creek USA Mission Center, divided up into 5 teams, each focused on one of the church’s five Mission Initiatives, that help keep us grounded and centered on the ministry and mission of Jesus Christ:

  • Invite People to Christ
  • Abolish Poverty, End Suffering
  • Pursue Peace on Earth
  • Develop Disciples to Serve
  • Experience Congregations in Mission

Each of the five teams are led by 3-4 co-leaders, providing backup for when one might be unavailable, and for multiple “brains”, life experience, and encounters with God’s Spirit, as we seek to identify and address congregational needs within the Mission Center.  This group also serves as our Brush Creek Mission Center Council, providing ideas, guidance and suggestions to our Mission Center President, Joan Munter.

Who are the Titus Team Leaders?

Brad Bryant, our BCMC Mission Initiatives Coordinator, provides support, encouragement, and guidance to each of our Titus Teams.  Here are your 2020 Titus Team Leaders, as approved at the November 2019 BCMC Conference:

  • Invite People to Christ
    • Trent Bennett
    • Lori Manker, Jacksonville
    • Brady Munter, Salem
    • Kaylene Scott, Fairfield
  • Abolish Poverty, End Suffering
    • Deby Klein, Decatur
    • Dan Martin, Eldorado
    • Jon Schwengel, Thompsonville
    • Jeannie Watson, Danville
  • Pursue Peace on Earth
    • Frostanna Corbett, Eldorado
    • Phyllis Thistlewood, Massac Creek
    • Phyllis Webb, Tunnel Hill
    • Marina Zaring, Effingham
  • Develop Disciples to Serve
    • Betsy Collins, Effingham
    • Connie O’Kelley, Bloomington
    • Debbie Waldrop, Marion
  • Experience Congregations in Mission
    • Madison Morris
    • Ann Schwengel, Thompsonville IL
    • David McArthur, Poplar Creek

How can my Congregation get help from a Titus Team?

Contact Brad Bryant (BradBryant70@gmail.com or 309-706-6179), or complete the form at the bottom of the page.  Click HERE to access it!

Will Other people be working with the Titus Team Leaders?

Absolutely!  Each team will be recruiting people with specific skills, callings, ministries and interests, to help support our congregational ministries.  Please contact Brad Bryant if you’d like to be considered as a Titus Team Resource!

What is the Purpose of Titus Teams?

As BCMC President Joan Munter described in the December 2011 e-Bridges (page 2 in the December 2011 e-Bridges newsletter):

“In II Corinthians, chapter 7, after earlier writing about his difficulties in Asia, Paul tells of his arrival in Macedonia. He describes his discouragement and fear, and the fact that there was no rest for him or his brethren. Trouble was all around them and within them their hearts were filled with dread. He describes what happens next – “Then God who cheers those who are discouraged refreshed us by the arrival of Titus. Not only was his presence a joy, but also the news that he brought of the wonderful time he had” with the Corinthians. Titus’ visit and his testimony brought peace and encouragement to Paul and those with him.

This is the effect we want the Titus Teams’ associations with the congregations in our Mission Center to have – to encourage, uplift and support them in their efforts, and to share the gifts that are plentiful throughout the Mission Center with those who have need for this ministry.”

The team leaders, assisted by talented folks from around the Mission Center, are available to help each congregation address your specific local needs, as well as provide input & suggestions to Joan, as part of their role on the Mission Center Council.

Please remember these leaders in your prayers, asking that they be lead to respond to those who are waiting for the encouragement that will propel them into greater avenues of service for Christ and His church.

Information Request Form

I’d like to get help from the Titus Teams with a project or ministry need in my congregation or community.
Select the items that apply, and then let us know how to contact you.

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