Church Online? Yes!

Church Online?  Yes!

We offer several ways that you can participate with the Community of Christ, via internet access…  Here are a few:

  • Sunday Chat, is a seeker-focused online text chat with a minister, every Sunday evening, 9-10 pm Central USA time, sponsored by the Presidents of Seventy.  Click on the link to go there!
  • Praise in Effingham (PIE) offers online worship broadcasts and recordings from the Effingham IL USA congregation.
  • Live Broadcasts from other Community of Christ congregations
  • First Steps Online  (FSO), a bi-weekly voice chat with a minister, exploring the basic concepts of Christianity, and how you can apply them in your life today.  Click on the link for information and to sign-up for reminder messages.
  • Occasional broadcasts from our International Headquarters activities
  • Witness the Word: Sermons on Demand from various church leaders
  • Read Testimonies – Read about the spiritual journey of others, and how Jesus has encountered them in their lives.  Anytime, at either of these sites:

These are also several useful internet forums where you can gather to worship, fellowship, learn, and explore Community of Christ, and the Jesus we follow.  In some, you may find opportunity to ask some of those questions that have been on your “someday” list. Recognize that each forum is open to the general public, so comments made in each are personal opinions, and not necessarily the teachings of the church. Also, there are some regular visitors there who are Mormons, restorationists, seekers, unbelievers, and members of other churches & faiths, so the wide variety of perspectives on any topic can be very interesting.

Brad Bryant, BCMC Communications

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