e-Bridges Newsletter

“Brush Creek e-Bridges” Newsletter

Effective March 2004, our Brush Creek USA Mission Center Newsletter is titled “Brush Creek Bridges”.  It will be prepared quarterly, and distributed here online, and by e-mail to members and friends of the church who have subscribedThe newsletter name helps us understand the blending process, as we bridge together:

  • two districts
  • over 20 congregations
  • city, town and country churches
  • and thousands of members and friends in at least 4 states.

Effective December 2007, the paper “Bridges” and the electronic “e-Bulletin” are combining into one electronic publication:  The “e-Bridges”, created and delivered on an “as needed” schedule, to subscribers via e-mail.  Subscribe by completing the form below.

Our most recent newsletters may be accessed on the web by clicking the links below.   Check back here periodically for new editions.

Note:  These are “PDF” format files, providing you with a “print image” of the newsletters that you can use locally. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to read these.

(Click HERE to download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader for your computer.)

Note:  It may take 60+ seconds to download some of the editions. Please be patient!

If you’re interested in receiving a regular copy of the e-Bridges newsletter, OR to report address changes, complete the form below; OR (if this form doesn’t work for your web browser) you can send an e-mail request to ( bradbryant70@gmail.com ), who can update our mailing list.

If changing your address:

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