Earl Smith

Earl Smith is a minister for the Community of Christ, holding the priesthood office of Evangelist, ordained to that office in March 2005.  Before his ministry of evangelist, he has served in the offices of Elder, Priest, and Deacon.

Earl has served as Pastor in several congregations, including:  Benton IL, Pascagoula MS, and Gales Ferry CT.  They currently attend the Marion IL Congregation.

Earl offers volunteer ministry in his community, working in a local Soup Kitchen, and as a hospital visitor.  He is retired from 20 years in the US Navy, where he worked in the Submarine service.  During his service, he served as the Protestant Lay leader, providing ministry onboard the ship. Other employment has included working in a tire plant, Mold repair and plant maintenance, and bus driver.

His favorite quote is:  “God is in charge and he has a plan“.  His goal is to continue to understand that he “has been blessed in so many ways by my Heavenly Father. I want to help others to know the Blessings that can be theirs. “Blessed to be a Blessing.”