Ernest Rumple

Ernie Rumple is a minister for the Community of Christ, serving in the office of High Priest, having been ordained to this ministry in September 1987.

Prior to serving in the role of High Priest, Ernie has served in the ministries of Priest, and Elder in the church. 

During his years of ministry, Ernie has served in several leadership roles, both at the local congregation level, as well as in district leadership roles.  Included in those roles were:  Counselor to the Pastor, Pastor, Counselor to the District President, District President, and several congregational leadership roles. 

Ernie, and his wife Jean, currently reside in Georgetown Illinois.  They have 4 children, 9 grandchildren, & 6 great grandchildren.  (Ernie reports:  “They are all great”)

Ernie is currently serving in his congregation as pastor.

Beyond his church responsibilities, Ernie serves his community as Secretary of the Georgetown Ridge Farm Area Ministerial Association (GRAMA).

He holds a Masters of Science Degree, has completed a number of Temple School courses, and has served over 35 years in ministry.

Ernie has provided ministry in several congregations through central Illinois, as well as in Oklahoma.

His favorite quote comes from the the Bible’s John 3:16.  To “proclaim Jesus Christ”, Ernie says “Jesus is Savior; seek Him!”