Glenn Webb

O. Glenn Webb is a minister for Community of Christ, and holds the priesthood office of High Priest.  Before serving as a High Priest, Glenn served in the office of Elder.

He currently serves as pastor of the Tunnel Hill, IL congregation, and as Counselor to the Brush Creek Mission Center president.

In the past, he has also served as Counselor to Southeast IL District President.

Glenn makes his home in Tunnel Hill IL (Webb Town).  Both of his parents were long-time Members of Tunnel Hill Congregation, where his dad served as financial officer for the Congregation for several years.

Glenn’s passion in ministry focuses on developing in young families the need for involvement and providing Leadership so congregations can meet the needs of all in the community.

His community involvement include serving as a member of Governing Board of local Ministerial Alliance, and participating with church members in providing 17 hours of volunteer labor to run a ‘thrift store’ once every 6 weeks.

Glenn holds a PhD from Southern Illinois University.

His favorite quotes come from:

  • Winston Churchill—-“Never, never, never give up!”
  • Ella Wheeler Wilcox–” It is not the speed of the gale but rather the set of the sail that determines where we go.”