Karen Witts


Karen Witts holds the priesthood office of Evangelist, having been ordained by the Community of Christ to this office in 2009.  Prior to her responsibilities as an Evangelist, Karen also ministered in the office of Elder.


During her ongoing ministerial career, Karen has held a number of church leadership roles, including:

  • Pastor
  • Counselor to the Pastor
  • Congregation Financial Officer
  • Counselor to District President
  • BCMC Council Member

Karen currently lives in Illiopolis, Illinois, and serves as a counselor to the pastor for the Decatur, IL congregation, and as a member of the Brush Creek USA Mission Center Council.  She is also active with the DOVE organization, serving the Decatur area.

In preparing for her current ministries, Karen credits “a conversation with God” as having been especially helpful.   She has provided traveling ministry in many locations, including the following congregations around the central Illinois area: Effingham, Bloomington, Beardstown, Jacksonville, Taylorville, Pana, and Georgetown.

Her favorite quote is from Mother Teresa: (check back!)

And about Jesus?  Karen replies: “He is love.”