Marvin Kleinau


kleinaumarvinMarvin Kleinau serves the Community of Christ in the office of Evangelist.  He was ordained to this role on September 15, 1991.  Prior to his call to serve as an Evangelist, Marvin has also ministered in the offices of  Elder and High Priest.  He has also served as the Southeast Illinois District President, and Pastor for the Marion congregation. Marvin is married to Marion, who was ordained an elder in 1989. They have no children, but enjoy two cats by the name of Dusty and Khali.

Marvin is presently a member of the Carbondale Illinois Community of Christ Church, and shares his Evangelist ministry throughout the Brush Creek USA Mission Center.  

He has served on the boards of the “Learning in Retirement” organization in Carbondale, and the “SIU Faculty Club”, as well as chair of the “SIU Emeritus Faculty Organization.”  He is currently a member of “Study Circle” and the “Carbondale Forum”, both organizations designed to encourage open discussion of local, state and national topics of concern.

He has received a number of awards & recognitions, including:

  • “SIU Outstanding Teacher of the Year” award presented by Amoco Oil
  • “SIU Distinguished Service Award” presented by the SIU Board of Trustees.
  • Samford Award for life time achievement in speech education
  • Edith Harrod Award for Distinguished Achievement by the Illinois Speech and Theater Association.

Serving for nearly ten years as advisor to Bill Knapp as district president introduced me to people, places and problems that still serve as the foundation of my ministry. Traveling with Olen Henson in ministry service has given me enormous insight into the role of evangelist.  He has traveled from Florida to Independence Missouri, working with world church sponsored programs, and performing marriages and preaching funerals all over the Midwest. 

To date, most of Marvin’s ministry efforts have been concentrated in the former Southeast IL District.

Favorite quote:  Carl Sandberg wrote, “The past is a bucket of ashes,” meaning you can’t live in the past. You have to grow. I love the past but I agree it has been used up and we have to be nourished by the present and the future as well.

I would proclaim Jesus Christ by being a supportive presence in the lives of anyone in need of that support.

One final question… “will my Cubs ever win the world series?”