Rick Forth

Rick Forth is a minister for Community of Christ, holding the office of Elder.  He was ordained to this office in July, 1982.  Prior to serving as an elder, Rick ministered as a Priest since 1975.

During his ministry, Rick has held several ministry and leadership roles, including:  Pastor (20+ years), Counselor to the pastor, Youth Camp Director, Pastor, Theme Class Leader and Counselor, Graceland Spectacular Staff Member, Camping committee member, member of the Ministry Endowment Fund committee.

Rick lives in Xenia, IL, with his wife Elizabeth.  They have 3 sons and 2 daughters:

  • Adam and his wife Kendal, and their children: Johnston and Cole
    (Adam is in the Military and assigned to a Special Ops Unit)
  • Andrew and his wife Emma, employed by Knapp Oil Co, in Xenia IL
  • Allison and her husband Tyler, residing in Bismark ND
  • Abraham, a recent graduate of the University of Missouri school of law, and member of the Missouri Bar Association
  • Anna, a recent graduate of Graceland University

Currently, Rick serves as a counselor to the Pastor at the Poplar Creek IL Congregation, Youth Protection coordinator,  and on the Mission Center’s Ministry Endowment Fund Committee. Within the community, Rick has served on the Flora Unit 35 School Board for the past 15 years.

Rick’s education history includes:

  • 1978 BA Graceland College in Business Administration
  • 1980 MBA Southern Illinois University
  • 1984 CPA University of Illinois
  • 30+ years serving as staff member at Senior High Camps

To date, Rick’s areas of ministry have included:

  • Marion, IL
  • Jacksonville, IL
  • Xenia, IL
  • Flora, IL
  • Poplar Creek IL