Sandra Carls

Sandra Carls, of the Beardstown IL congregation, holds the priesthood office of Elder.  She was ordained to this office November 11, 2001.

Sandra serves as one of the three ministers, sharing the responsibilities of Pastoring the Beardstown congregation.  She also is the Women’s Leader, Music Director, Pastoral Care Chairman, and serves as Teacher for all ages in their Sunday School program.

She, and her husband Ronald, have four children:  Lauri, Tari, Robin and Nathan.  They also presently have 7 grandchildren.

Within their community, Sandra serves on the Beardstown Heritage Preservation Foundation, the Community Theater, and as a volunteer at the two nursing homes:

  • in the capacity of manicurist
  • coordinates two musical evenings each month as one home
  • plays piano for the monthly birthday parties
  • entertains with singing and piano
  • provide church services for both homes at least 4 times (each) during the year.

Sandra has received honorable mention certificate award from the Illinois Health Association for her volunteer work.

Sandra lists several experiences as “meaningful”, and which have helped to prepare her for her present ministry responsibilities, including:

  • the plays & musicals she has been in
  • the many organizations she has served in during past years
  • so many wonderful people in her life
  • a wonderful church family
  • her loving husband and wonderful children & grandchildren
  • the opportunities to serve her church for so many years
  • many years of teaching piano lessons
  • Temple School courses
  • love of reading and study.

Sandra says, “I don’t really have a favorite quote, but I really hold to the words of W. C. Channing in his ‘The Good Life’.”

To the rest of us reading this biography, Sandra says:  ‘Have you read “Listening to God” by John Ackerman?  or “Building Contagious Church” by Mark Mittelberg?  Oh!  If some of us could get together for some type of class on the subject of evangelism, and certainly touch our own congregations first, to catch that joy and enthusiasm and then go out to “Proclaim Jesus Christ!”