Sid Faulkner

Sid Faulkner is a minister for the Community of Christ, serving in the office of Evangelist.  He was ordained to that office in 1996.  Prior to his ministry as an Evangelist, Sid has served in this offices of Priest, Elder, and High Priest.

Sid has served congregations several times as pastor, as well as congregational financial officer. 

He has four sons, and currently resides in Maryville IL, providing ministry in congregations of the Brush Creek USA Mission Center and the Gateway Mission Center.

He is a retired steel worker, and claims to be a “Roads Scholar” (not a Rhodes Scholar!).  His favorite quote is the “First Law of Holes”:  When you are in one… STOP DIGGING!

In his ministry, he understands that in order to “proclaim Jesus”, it is important to “share His love and truth ALL the time”.  One way that he does that is through his special “letter writing ministry” – probably the most significant ministry he offers.  As of March 29, 2005, he has written exactly 4,800 letters!