Steve Cooley

Steve Cooley is an ordained minister for the Community of Christ. He serves the church in the office of High Priest, having been ordained to this office in 1986. Prior to his ordination to this ministry, he served as a Teacher, a Priest, and an Elder.

During his ministry, Steve has served as Branch Counselor, Solicitor, Secretary, Pastor, District Youth Leader, Regional Youth Council member, Bishop’s Agent, Temple School Representative, Temple Representative during Construction of the Temple, Counselor to 4 different District Presidents, Stewardship Commissioner, Pastoral Care Commissioner, 2 times District President, and has served on the Brush Creek Campground Committee as a member for 33 years.

Steve and his wife Wendy, an Elder in the church, currently reside in Martinsville, IL.

Steve’s current church responsibilities include: Counselor to Martinsville IL Pastor, and as the Congregation Financial Officer.

Within his community, Steve works very closely with “Santa’s Helpers” in Martinsville.

Steve is employed by Ferrellgas Propane Company, serving as the Operation Manager for the Central part of Illinois. He also assists with Operational and Training duties. He works very closely with the standards of DOT and Federal Regulations to ensure compliance with all the legal and company policies.

Steve’s ministry has taken him to many cities in Illinois. His favorite scripture is from the book of Doctrine & Covenants 153:9: “Let my word be preached to the bruised and the brokenhearted as well as those who are enmeshed in sin, longing to repent and follow me. Let the truths of my gospel be proclaimed as widely and as far as the dedication of the Saints, especially through the exercise of their temporal stewardship, will allow. My Spirit is reaching out to numerous souls even now and there are many who will respond if you, my people, will bear affirmative testimony of my love and my desires for all to come unto me. Be steadfast and trust in the instructions which have been given for your guidance. I will be be with you and strengthen you for the tasks that lie ahead if you will continue to be faithful and commit yourselves without reservation to the building of my kingdom.” (1978)

His method of “Proclaiming Jesus Christ” is by living his life to the example of what Christ would have him do.

As part of his participation in the Martinsville IL congregation, Steve drew up the plans for their church building, which the congregation built themselves. He put together a list of materials and replaced the suspended ceiling in the Auditorium, drew up the plans and built a duplex cabin on the Brush Creek campgrounds.