Reunion 2020

Reunion 2020 

The Brush Creek USA Mission Center will be hosting TWO reunion experiences in 2020, for our members, friends & families: our traditional June and July “family camp” experiences:

  • June 13-19  
  • July 18-24  

We invite you to come and be a part of our gathering community at either or both of our 2020 Brush Creek USA Mission Center Reunions!

Reunion Theme: 

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Reunion is a time for spiritual growth, personal discernment, renewed relationships – and fun.


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      • Reunion veterans… please click on this “Our Story” link, and share one (or more) testimonies about how the Reunion experience (anywhere) has been a blessing in your life!
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      • July Reunion Details! 

We offer an invitation…

You are invited to share in a week of fellowship, in the spirit of Jesus Christ, at our annual reunion (family camp).  Come and worship with us, and allow this reunion week to help you find a greater and deeper understanding of how God’s Spirit brings joy and peace into your life!  Find a pathway toward hope and love!

We believe each of you have God-given gifts, and YOU are called to share them with others in the spirit of Jesus’ life and ministry.  We invite you to join in the fellowship of our reunions.  Come and worship with us, learn with us, serve with us, have fun with us, and grow with us as we strive to follow the example of Jesus Christ, together in community.

Our relationship with Christ is enriched as we share in a reunion experience.  Reunion is MUCH more than a mere gathering of people.  It is an opportunity to live together as a Christian family for a week, bringing support and giving our love so everyone feels valued and appreciated.  We invite you to:

Come and See…

We invite you to attend either or both of the 2020 Brush Creek Reunions.  This will be an excellent opportunity for a time of renewal, celebration, worship, play, fun and learning.

We plan the program and activities of the reunions with the entire family in mind.  We want the reunion week to bring into your life, a greater and deeper understanding of Jesus Christ, and how the Christ relates to you on a daily basis.

Plan your vacation schedule now to include one or more Brush Creek reunions.  Come and share in a marvelous week that will empower, sustain and give purpose to your life as God’s Spirit touches you and makes you new.

We invite you to attend either or both of the 2020 Brush Creek Reunions.  This will be an excellent opportunity for a time of renewal, celebration, worship, play, fun and learning.

Plan to reserve a week this summer to gather with the Saints for a week of Zionic living: a community of Joy, Hope, Love and Peace, as we learn, worship, fellowship, fish, play games and serve each other in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!


Every person and family is required to register.

      • Click here for a printable registration form. 
      • Click here for the online donation page to pay your registration fees and optional additional donations electronically.

Once your Registration form is printed and completed, mail it along with your registration fees.  Please make your registration check payable to Community of Christ.

If you plan to attend both reunions, please complete and submit two registration forms.

Reunion Costs:

      • Age 0-3
      • Age 4-17
      • Adult

$10 discount per person is available, if fees are paid 30 days or more before reunion starts. See payment deadline dates on the Reunion Registration form.

All Brush Creek reunions for 2020 will be financially supported through your generous giving.

Each attendee will pay a basic registration fee per person, mailed in with the registration form, or paid online.  Your registration fee does NOT cover the basic costs of the camp and ongoing maintenance of the campground.

Beyond your registration fees, our Reunions are supported through “GENEROUS GIVING”. We anticipate funds will come from the generosity of the people as we each respond to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Throughout the week, everyone will have the opportunity to contribute as generous disciples out of the bounty the Lord has provided. In this way, some families and individuals will be able to come and enjoy the rich fellowship experiences because of the generosity of others who can afford and are willing to give more than their share. Come prepared to give generously through the offerings collected at each worship service, so that ALL may be blessed by the reunion experience.  Pledge cards will also be available if needed.

Even though our reunions are financed by your generous giving, several folks have asked for an understanding of the cost per person attending a reunion.  Your gift of at least $275 per person will help us meet our reunion, retreat and youth camp operational expenses, and allow the Campground Committee to continue to make needed repairs and improvements to our wonderful facility. 

We look forward to coming together in Zionic community with you this summer.  We anticipate a wonderful outpouring of God’s Spirit.

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Brush Creek Campground Information

Directions to Brush Creek:

      • Address:  464 County Highway 18  Xenia IL
      • GPS location:  N 38.54870, W 88.61334
      • Directions:
        • From US Highway 50 to Xenia: Go South through Xenia IL. Follow the main road South for 6 miles to crossroads. There is a sign for Brush Creek Campground on the left. Turn left (East) and go 2 miles to the campground.
        • From I-57 and Highway 161: Go East 18 miles to the Orchardville road. Turn North. Go 2 miles to Brush Creek Campground sign. Turn East and go 2 miles to the campground
      • By attending Reunion with us, you agree to this “Photo & Video Release” statement. 

Use the  form below to send a message or question about our 2020 Reunions, to Joan Munter, Mission Center President: