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Reprinted by permission, from the June 2006 Herald magazine, page 37

  • April 1883:  Resolution to the General Conference in Kirtland to authorize holding of annual “reunion” meetings.
  • September 1883:  The first reunion was held near Leland’s Grove, Shelby County, Iowa
  • September 1885:  To encourage people to attend the reunion at Wheeler’s Grove, Iowa, reasonably priced hay, free wood, and a good water supply was promised.
  • October 1886:  A large tent was added to the reunion set-up, and one report estimated that five to six thousand peopled attended the Garner’s Grove (Iowa) reunion.
  • 1912:  Church members and friends gathered to 43 reunions, including those in California, Maine, England, and Australia
  • 1999:  “Reunions represent the best of what it means to be a community of Christ.” – Mark Scherer
  • 2006:  More than 88 reunions will be held around the world, with an estimated attendance of more than 13,000 campers.

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Here’s another article, outlining the history and importance of the Reunion Experience:

8/23/2013: Dale Warren, current chairman of the Brush Creek Campground Board, relays this information:

In the Wayne County Press yesterday, Thursday, Aug. 8, 2013, included in their 35 year ago news, was the following.

Wayne County Press August 7, 1978. A new attendance record is set for the Brush Creek Reunion in northwestern Wayne. 576 guests were on hand.

For those who remember, we had benches setting in front of the auditorium. Many of those staying in cabins south of the auditorium, set in chairs out side their cabin. We had loud speakers on top of the auditorium so that those outside could hear. Can you imagine? It was unbelievable to have that many people. As I recall, there were some 50 camper units staying in the campground. What a week. It was great. It’s always great. We started the second reunion in 1979.

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