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Am I a seeker?

Generally, “Seekers” are those persons, who are in the early stages of faith development, with a desire to discover additional and deeper meaning for their life, and who are open to the support of a Christian community in that endeavor.  Often, a seeker is asking some of the *tough* questions of life…

  • What is the meaning of life?
  • Where can I find hope?
  • Am I loved?
  • Can I be forgiven?
  • How can I find a genuine relationship with the Spirit of God?

If you’re a seeker, we invite you to journey with us, as we each seek to grow in our understanding of, and relationship with, the living Jesus Christ!

Online opportunities for Seekers:

The links below will provide details about our online and local opportunities for Seekers:

  • Sunday Night Live“, an online text-chat focused on Seekers, offered every Sunday evening
  • First Steps Online” or “First Steps” local small group “Introduction to Christianity” classes. 
  • Sharing in Community of Christ” is an online OR local, small group ministry, building on the “First Steps” material, and providing further exploration of the Community of Christ and our ministries.
  • Praise in Effingham“, an online worship opportunity with the Effingham IL USA congregation, offered on most Sunday mornings. 


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