Young Adult Ministries

Young Adults

This page provides a summary of local congregation, Brush Creek USA Mission Center, and World Church-wide events for Young Adults.  Generally, “Young Adults” are generally defined as those between ages 18-39.  Send me information about other events, and I’ll keep the information current here.

Other Resources for Young Adults:

Explore these links, and you may find ways to participate in the global Christian Community, improve your spiritual life and journey, and provide service and contributions to God’s children around the world.

Interested in becoming a camp counselor at one of our several youth camps? 

If so:

Outreach International

At the request of several of our Young Adults, here are a couple of useful links to Outreach International:

We Will Become…

The Community of Christ has committed itself to become a worldwide church dedicated to the pursuit of peace, reconciliation, and healing of the spirit.  The church needs young adults to help make this happen.  Doors are opening for young adults in exciting ways.  We have listed a few of those opportunities here, but there are many others, including in your home congregation.

The most important agent of change for young adult ministry in your congregation is you.  If you are active in your congregation, I hope that you have found it to be an opportunity to live out your passions with a community of disciples.  If you are not active, we invite you to join us again.  Your contribution is an integral part of this exciting work to which we are called.  May we each lovingly offer ourselves to the task, trusting that God will mold our efforts into something beautiful.

Interested in more info?  Contact Joan Munter, BCMC President!

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