Youth Protection Core Training & Refresher

Youth Protection Core Training

Recorded in Effingham, IL
January 2017

Community of Christ is committed to ensuring a safe environment for all persons, especially including the most vulnerable: children.  With congregations around the globe, our desire is to ensure that all persons are welcome and accepted, in safety.

In order to help address that goal, we require that everyone who works with children and youth in our congregation’s ministries & activities, at Mission Center level events, and at World Church level events, be a Registered Youth Worker.  We also require that all ministers within Community of Christ be Registered Youth Workers.

Whenever possible, we recommend and suggest that you attend a Youth Worker Core Training session in-person, where you can best benefit from the interaction with others, ask questions, and explore options and answers in community.

The following resources are available for review, and when an in-person training class is not available for you.


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Once you’ve completed this training, please complete the form below, so we can ensure your training record is updated.

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I have completed the video training, and have submitted my Youth Worker Application form.

Thank you, for taking time to help protect the children and youth that we share with!

More questions?  Please contact Joan Munter, BCMC President (