World Conference 2019 Delegates

2019 World Conference Delegates

Discover World ConfereneThe following 31 BCMC members have been elected by the Fall 2015 BCMC Conference, to serve as delegates to the upcoming 2019 World Conference, and documented in the November 2018 e-Bridges newsletter:


(in alphabetic order) 

Austin, Tammy

Bryant, Brad

Bryant, Donna

Chaffee, Cliff

Colarusso, Cathy

Dougherty, Jim

Dougherty, Natalie

Klein, Deby

Mack, Doug

Mack, Nathan

Mack, Susan

Martin, Dan

Martin, Kitty

McArthur, Luray

McIntosh, Cliff

McIntosh, Marlene

Munter, Brady

Munter, Joan

Ober, Chris

Rumple, Jean

Ryder, Andy

Ryder, Peggy

Savage, Donna

Schwengel, Ann

Schwengel, Jon

Switzer, Karen

Switzer, Richard

Webb, Glenn

Webb, Phyllis

Witts, Karen

Zaring, Doug


(Alternates will serve, in this sequence, if an elected delegate is unable to serve)

Ovall, Laura

Ovall, Jason

Watts, John

Watts, Nancy