Upcoming Events

You can find our full calendar by clicking HERE, but the following is a summary upcoming events during the next 2 months:  

  • Feb 9: Youth Ministries Day
  • Feb 17: President’s Day Holiday, International Headquarters closed
  • Feb 26: Ash Wednesday: Lent begins
  • Mar 1: World Hunger Emphasis Day
  • Apr 5: Palm Sunday
  • Apr 6: Church Founding Anniversary: 1830, Reorganization 1836
  • Continue reading
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Cracker Barrel is hiring

  • Effingham locations
  • Other locations

For detail see http://jobs.crackerbarrel.com  updated (8/20/18)

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Lamoni IA: Open positions

Please visit the Graceland University site for details:

and scroll down to Affiliated Organizations. updated (8/8/17)

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Employment Openings

As a new service to our website users, we’re going to begin posting job opportunities from around the BCMC area, and around the church.

Use the “Follow this blog by e-mail” link in the right column, to subscribe and receive an e-mail notification anytime we add a new item to the “Employment” category of this blog.

If you are aware of an area or church-wide job that is not posted here, please complete click HERE and complete the form to let me know about it!  Also, if you find a job listed here that is no longer available, let me know that too!


Bandana’s is hiring. Click HERE for more information. New (10/10/19)


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Welcome to the Brush Creek USA Mission Center!

Who Are We? 

We Proclaim Jesus Christ and Promote Communities of Joy, Hope, Love and Peace

We are 24 congregations in the Central and Southern areas of Illinois, that are part of a world-wide community of people who follow Jesus Christ, the living creator and Savior of the World.  We invite everyone to become followers and friends with Jesus — allowing Him to share and to help guide their journey toward wholeness.

We’re a People being Changed… 

We follow the living Jesus Christ, who spoke to the world in the past, who is active in our daily personal lives, and who continues to call us BEYOND who we are, into a new, unfolding future — even the kingdom of God on Earth!  Responding to God’s creative call requires constant growth for each of us.

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Sunday Chat!

Community of Christ Logo BCMC Community of Christ

Sunday Chat!

Sunday Chat is a live, text-chat, created especially for persons seeking a faith community.  A Community of Christ Seventy (Missionary minister) is available every Sunday evening, to meet with seekers from around the world, from 9 to 10 p.m. central time to answer your questions and listen to your responses about the various aspects of the gospel of Jesus Christ and how it is lived out in this faith movement.  We look forward to joining you, wherever you are in the journey.

To join in, click the link displayed at the top of this page from 9 to 10 p.m. Central time, or visit www.CofChrist.org/Sunday-Chat

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